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    The Tillandsia Melanocrater is a unique species that occurs in various colors. The pointed leaves of this plant can differ from yellow-green to red. Like all other types of Tillandsia, the Melanocrater descends from the bromeliad plantfamily.
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    The Tillandsia Multiflora is a plant that looks a lot like the Tillandsia Abdita and therefore just as colorful. However, the green, sometimes reddish leaves are smoother and less soft.
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    This species is endemic to Mexico.
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    It has stiff green leaves with a bulbous base-beautiful flower spike when in bloom.
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    The Tillandsia Usneoides, also known as Spanish moss, is a plant without roots from the epiphyte family. This plant gets its water and nutrients through its leaves from the (moist) air and raindrops.

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