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How to order?

You can find the basic steps for placing an order by login in your account.
We offer the following types of order:
-Via Internet
-Through Email

Product Information:

We have general information about each product and their photographs. For more information, please kindly visit our blog to learn more about the features and how to take care of the purchasedplants.

All our plants, seeds and accessories are in excellent condition, and we ship it in the best possible way of conservation, so that all plants and seeds arrive in good condition.

Plants are normally shipped with only their bare roots, but we can also ship them in pots. Please make sure that you select the desired option. Before being shipped, all of our plants are in good condition and are very healthy. We remove the plants from their respective pots just before packing and shipping them, so the plants never spend time away from our greenhouse’s habitat. Furthermore, our seeds are sent via the best conservation methods possible.

Information on the value added tax:

The overall value added tax (VAT) is included in our products. VAT is 21% of the total order value in the case of plants, supports and accessories and 10% for the seeds. You can view the detailed amount on the last step previous to the payment process.

Shipping Method: (shipped the next day for orders received after 9 am, being urgent or not)  

Shipping price plant supports and accessories to SPAIN:

Not Urgent 24-48 hours: 7,70 € (MRW Courier) (€ 6.70 for the province of Barcelona)
Urgent 12-24 hours: 8,95 € (MRW Courier) (7.5 € for Barcelona)

For shipments to Canarias Islands (Spain) shipping will be used by registered mail.

Shipping price ONLY seeds:

Certificate (Post) € 3.50

Return Policy:

Any return must be done within 2 business days after receiving the item, due to the plants being alive. You must contact us through our contact form.

Shipping costs will be borne by the buyer, except in cases of non–confirmity of the agreed product in the contract. We strongly advise you to insure your items(s) because, in the case of any returned items, we exercise the right of withdrawal of all responsibility on faults or defects that are not covered by the legal guarantee of conformity. In this case you will be fully responsible for any damage it has suffered during the transport. Only in the case of verification of damage to the package might we consider a feasible plant change and/or item, but only after receiving adequate proof of damage.

-The user accepts our policy of non reimbursement payment after the order placed. You can, however, change the ordered items with other similar items in price before these are released from our warehouse.

-The user agrees that we will proceed to accept returns only in case of shipments of different items purchased and / or due to damages in the corroborables items. We will proceed to change any item that has been sent by mistake or that is damaged.

The user is in full agreement with the shape and size of the items / plants purchased. It is appropriate to read the different indications for each item / plants in particular to avoid any possible confusion.

-The user accepts that plants come bare root, i.e, no pots, no soil (unless purchased potted plants). Plants come with a special cover and adequately protected to prevent any possible damage.


-The user agrees that, at any time, to receive Dionaea and Sarracenia plants in bulb or rhizome shapes during the winter months due to hibernation in temperate climate varieties.

-The user accepts that we can cancel your order if, for any reason, we find false information provided in the data and / or payments.

-The user accepts that we can modify our conditions when we feel it appropriate and without notice.

We only accept products being in perfect condition, with all its accessories, instruction manuals and original packaging. If any of them are missing, your product will be returned to your home address with a note indicating the missing items.

Remember that it is recommended to keep a copy of the information contained in the products purchased. is not responsible for any loss of data, files, or in general, any damages resulting from a failure of backup by the user of the information contained in the products purchased.

Carnívorasland is not responsible for any consequences that may result from improper use of products sold in the store.

Carní is not responsible of returns and/or retentions at different customs offices both nationally and internationally. If for any reason your order is returned, we will refund the proportional share, having deducted the corresponding transportation. To resend the submission, you must pay the corresponding amount for transportation.


The boxes used to ship plants / seeds are in the optimum size so that the items are sufficiently protected.

Shipping costs include handling and packing fees as well as transportation. Handling fees are fixed, as well as the shipping fees. We advise you to group all purchased items  together in a single order, as we cannot group two different orders received separately, and shipping fees will be applied to each of them. We take special care to protect fragile objects.

We recommend you to choose the certificate or express shipping type because it is by special courier, with tracking number locator. In case of package loss in these two types of shipping, we take100% responsibility, not so with regular shipping. Note: We are not responsible for extras or governmental custom fees and/or local council taxes and/or returned packets from islands off Spain or any other country where we send seeds. These costs will be assumed directly by the customer.


Bank Transfer: All the data will be provided once you have placed your order. The total amount must be paid within a maximum of 48 hours of ordering, unless you notify us in advance.

Credit Card (Paypal): The safest way to pay is by credit card. We accept VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS, DINERS CLUB AND AURORA.


International Shipping:

We ship plants and seeds across the European Union.



International Shipping Method:

Shipping price of seeds outside the European Union

  Certified Mail (under signature with tracking number):  4,9 €  

Shipping price of plants and substrates  

  Sending plants, substrates, etc. € 15 (Registered Mail)

  Sending only plants (shipped bare root) 9 € (Registered Mail)

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