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    El sustrato ideal para el cultivo del género Sarracenia.
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    Perlita de la mejor calidad. Ideal para evitar la compactación del sustrato de tus plantas.
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    Utricularia livida. A portion is sold without pot. It is originally from tropical and southern Africa and very widespread in Mexico.
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    A mix of different species and varieties of sarracenia.
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    Kit de fácil cultivo con 2 especies de plantas carnívoras adultas. 
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    N. rafflesiana x N. ampullaria hybrid. Lowland variety. Indoor plant.
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    The Tillandsia Caput Medusae is an unique plant in the Tillandsia species. The shape and form of this species is certainly rare and so the plant is named after this.
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    This plant has the curious habit of consistently producing either a tight rosette, or the longest petioles of any clone.  
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    Native to Venezuela. This green plant eventually turns bright red as it starts its bloom cycle, and will soon after emit a wild and bright red looking bloom with yellow flowers.
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    El sustrato ideal para el cultivo del género Nepenthes.
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    Yellow PVC nailing labels. It can be written with a pencil, pen or marker.
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    Esta especie se encuentra en forma natural en Australia, principalmente en las zonas costeras de la isla Fraser en Queensland, al sur a través de Nueva Gales del Sur y Victoria hasta Tasmania y el sur de Australia del Sur. El rango de esta especie se extiende a Nueva Zelanda.
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    Musgo Sphagnum maguellanicum. Ideal para el cultivo de plantas y siembra de todo tipo de semillas.
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    Product available with different options
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    Planta nativa de Venezuela. Es un híbrido muy resistente e ideal para principiantes.
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    The Tillandsia Butzii is a great looking plant, which makes a distinction in the Tillandsia species through the wonderful, whimsical shape and spotted / speckled leaves.
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    The Tillandsia Multiflora is a plant that looks a lot like the Tillandsia Abdita and therefore just as colorful. However, the green, sometimes reddish leaves are smoother and less soft.
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    Its range includes almost the entire eastern seaboard of the United States, the Great Lakes, and south eastern Canada, making it the most common and broadly distributed pitcher plant, as well as the only member of the genus that inhabits cold temperate climates.
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    It has stiff green leaves with a bulbous base-beautiful flower spike when in bloom.
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    The Tillandsia Ionantha is one of the most common species within the epiphyte family of Tillandsia. Plant native of Nicaragua. It forms entirely silver-coloured dense bundles.

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