Nepenthes x ventrata

N. ventricosa x N. alata. hybrid. It is sent potted.

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The Nepenthes plants are divided into 3 areas: lowland, highland and plains

-Lowland: They live in low altitudes up to 1000 meters above sea level. The days are hot and nights are warm. It is a very wet climate with high rainfall.

-Highland: They grow at altitudes between 1000-3000 meters. The weather is cold and wet, especially at night.

-Plains: Hybrids between lowland and highland nepenthes.

SOIL: The substrate for Nepenthes should be slightly compacted and aerated. We recommend to use a peat mixture with perlite with a 2:1 proportion (twice mob that perlite). It can also be pine bark to ventilate slightly more the substrate. Another recommended substrate is the fresh sphagnum moss. It can be mixed with medium size quartz sand or using it alone with no draining material.

WATERING and MOISTURE: NO watering is recommended through the "tray method since it is a genre that doesn’t like excess water in the substrate. The ideal is to water them from the top when the substrate begins to dry out. Use rainwater or distilled water and it is recommended to pulverize them or keep humidity over 60% for the correct pot formation. The ideal is to grow them in a greenhouse or terrarium.

TEMPERATURE: The Nepenthes are very sensitive to the low temperatures during the day. Not suitable for temperatures below 3°C for many continuous days in a row, especially those that are on lowlands. The lowland plants need a daytime temperature of between 18 ° C and 30 ° C and nocturnal between 14ºC and 25º C. The high mountain plants need to feel the temperature drop overnight. It grows well between 16º C and 30ºC   during the day and 10º C and 20º C overnight. In the Iberian Peninsula the highland plants develop very well outside, especially on the coast throughout the year. Regarding the lowland plants, it is advisable to keep them inside only during winter (if the temperature is below 13 ° C). In the Canary Islands, the plants can be kept outside throughout the year.

LIGHTING: They need very good lighting and are very sensitive to direct sunlight especially in summer. It is advisable to keep them in the shade with good lighting. They may grow very well behind a window.

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